In addition to our popular gymnastics program, we have a nationally ranked cheerleading program with a team or class to fit everyone’s needs! We are now entering our 6th season, and young athletes from Morris, Essex, Union, Somerset, Passaic, Hudson, and Bergen Counties are now calling Cheer Pride their home! You DEFINITELY want to be a part of this amazing experience! Cheer Pride is a place where we teach your kids life skills, and push them to be their best, in a safe and positive environment. We foster creativity, leadership, determination, teamwork, and perseverance in all of our athletes! Our coaching staff has decades of training and experience, possess national safety certifications, AND we are fully invested in each one of your kids and their development. Your kids will learn and grow, build confidence, make friends, get stronger, and have the experience of a lifetime in our program! We would LOVE to have you in our gym! Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss what we can do for you and your child!

Beginning in May of 2018, we will be offering the following options for beginner to advanced cheer athletes looking for a place to call home:

*NEW* Cheer FUNdamentals: A NON- COMPETITIVE CHEERLEADING CLASS that runs once a week in 12-week sessions. This is a GREAT opportunity for new and young athletes to have fun, grow, and have an “All Star” experience with very little financial or time commitment. In each session, children will work on basic skills training for stunts, tumbling, jumps, dance, and more! They will learn a short, FUN routine to perform at a showcase at the end of each 12-week session. Classes are $175 for the 12-week session, and include a free practice outfit and bow!

Tiny FUNdamentals: Ages 3-5

Youth FUNdamentals: Ages 6-11

Senior FUNdamentals: Ages 12-17


*NEW* All Star NOVICE: A NON-TRAVEL, COMPETITIVE CHEERLEADING TEAM FOR BEGINNERS that practices twice a week for 1-hour. This is an excellent opportunity for athletes who may have some cheer, dance, or gymnastics background outside of all stars, but want some additional experience and training before joining an All Star team. There is NO TUMBLING required for participation on an All Star Novice team. Children will have fun, make new friends, and build confidence while learning new skills for their routine. All Star Novice teams compete locally at 3-4 competitions per season. There is no overnight travel required for these teams, and athletes may join at anytime. Tuition is $75/month, and a $300 team fee is due upon registration to pay for your uniform, practicewear, and competition fees.

Tiny Novice Level 1: Ages 3-5

Youth Novice Level 1: Ages 6-11

Senior Novice Level 2: Ages 12-17



*NEW* All Star PREP: A LIMITED-TRAVEL, COMPETITIVE CHEERLEADING TEAM with divisions intended to allow athletes with limited tumbling skills and strong stunting skills to be successful in All Stars. Prep teams will practice twice a week for 1.5 hours, and take one additional tumbling class in addition to their team practices.The All Star Prep teams will compete at 5-7 local and regional competitions throughout the season, and will be competing for a chance to earn a bid for the US Finals. The US Finals are held in Providence, RI in May each season, and would be only one of two overnight trips required of the Prep teams if they were to earn a bid, and the second overnight is also within driving distance. All Star Prep teams are $175/month tuition, plus fees.

Mini Prep 1.1: Ages 5-8, Level 1 stunts & tumbling

Youth Prep 2.1: Ages 6-11, Level 2 stunts, Level 1 tumbling

Senior Prep 3.1: Ages 10-17, Level 3 stunts, Level 1 tumbling

Senior Prep 3.2: Ages 10-17, Level 3 stunts, Level 2 tumbling


*NEW* All Star Elite: A TRAVEL, COMPETITIVE CHEERLEADING TEAM where experience is preferred, but not necessary. Teams will practice twice a week for 2 hours, as well as taking an additional class per week in either tumbling or flexibility. These teams will compete in 6-8 regional and national competitions, 3-4 of which will be overnight events, and one may require air travel. The All Star Elite teams will be competing for both US Finals bids and Summit bids, and will be attending only one of those two events. Their tuition is $275/month, plus fees.

Youth Elite Levels 1-2: Ages 6-11

Junior Elite Levels 1-3: Ages 6-14

Senior Elite Levels 1-4: Ages 11-18

*NEW* All Star International: A TRAVEL, HIGHLY COMPETITIVE CHEERLEADING TEAM where experience is necessary. Teams will practice 3 times a week, as well as attending an additional class per week in either tumbling or flexibility. They will attend 8-10 regional and national competitions, including 2 overnights requiring air travel, and they will be competing for Summit bids.

Junior International Levels 1-3: Ages 10-16

Senior International Levels 1-5: Ages 14-18

ALL STAR INTERNATIONAL, ELITE, & PREP TRYOUT INFO! All athletes who are interested in a spot on an All Star International, Elite, Prep, or Novice team MUST make an appointment to be evaluated and placed on a team. There is a $20 Tryout Fee, and we have a NO CUT POLICY in our gym- your child will be placed on a team that best suits their skillset and experience. Every athlete gets a 1-on-1 evaluation with one of our highly qualified coaches to determine what the best fit is for them. Register for your evaluation NOW:


To see some more FAQ’s about last season’s Travel & Non-Travel teams, click here! Cheer Programs

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