In order to help you make the BEST possible decision, we have created a list of FAQ!  Please e-mail or call our gym owner, Lisa, at  or (973)432-2885 with any additional questions.


My child has never done cheerleading/tumbling/gymnastics before. How do we get started?

First, explore our website. This will give you a general idea of what each program is like. Then, register online to discuss schedule options and to set up a free tour and evaluation. The evaluation will be the best way to get a feel for what class or program will be the best fit for your child.


What is Cheer Pride?
We are a cheer and tumbling gym located in Whippany, NJ. We train athletes of ALL levels and ages in cheer, tumbling, and soon we will be offering dance. We offer competitive cheer teams that compete locally, regionally, and nationally. We also offer recreational tumbling, cheer classes, flexibility classes, summer camps, choreography, clinics, and after school programs.


Who do your teams cheer for?
Cheer Pride teams do NOT cheer for a team, they are ON a competitive team that is ranked against other teams from gyms like ours. This is the type of acrobatic cheerleading that you often see showcased on ESPN.  Our sport is extremely athletic and skill based. Cheerleading competitions are held all over the United States. Cheer Pride teams compete primarily in the Northeast, with some teams competing elsewhere in the US.

What ages can my child start tumbling and cheer classes?
At Cheer Pride, tumbling classes and cheer teams start as young as 4 years old. We currently offer teams for ages 4-18.


How are tumbling classes at Cheer Pride different from gymnastics classes?
Tumbling classes at Cheer Pride involve a much more productive structure of conditioning, basic skills warmups, drills, flexibility, and spotted skills. Our training involves trampolines, spring floors, and various instructional mats. Athletes begin by learning forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and progress to backhandsprings, tucks, and full twisting lay-outs. Our classes are separated by skill level, not by age like gymnastics. We keep a record of each student’s progress, and move them up through the levels as they begin to meet the prerequisite skills.


How is cheerleading at Cheer Pride different from other cheer programs like Rec, School, Pop Warner, or PAL?
If you like cheerleading for your town or school team, then you will LOVE All Star cheerleading!  All Star Cheerleading is fast-paced and entertaining, and it incorporates dance, tumbling, stunting, and jumps all together into one jampacked routine.  It is also one of the most team oriented sports out there. We also offer well-trained, experienced, and safety-certified coaches to ensure that your child is receiving the highest level of training in a safe and positive environment.


We’d like to offer you a free tour and evaluation!

We would love to meet you and welcome you into the #pramily. Please call (973) 432-2885, and we’ll schedule you for a FREE tour of our facility and a meeting with one of our coaches to help you determine which program is right for your child. We’re confident that once you see our facility and meet our coaches and athletes, you’ll know that you’ve found the perfect fit!