Do you want a routine that is fierce, fun, and creative?

Come to Cheer Pride for all of your customized choreography needs! We can provide choreography for any budget and any team, regardless of age or skill level. Our staff has decades of experience in judging and creating school, rec, pop warner, and all star choreography, and we’ve won a number of Innovative Choreography awards as an all star program! You can count on us to know the rules, and to give you a routine that you can be proud of! And the best part? You can come to us OR we will come to you!

Full Routine Choreography- this takes 2 full days, which includes an evaluation of your team’s skills and a mini stunt clinic to help prepare your athletes for what they will learn. Routines will include team stunts, pyramid, tosses, jumps, tumbling, dance, cheer, and anything else that you would like to showcase. We offer packages that include customized music, as well.

Partial Routine Choreography- this is for a team who may only want or need one or two individual pieces to add to their routine. We can do a customized dance, cheer, jump, pyramid, stunt, or tumbling section just for you!

Contact us to discuss your team’s needs, and we will help you make your dreams come true!