4 Reasons Why Tumbling is GREAT for Young Children

We know that parents are DEDICATED to their child’s success and development. Most parents will find themselves on a quest to immerse their young child in experiences that will enrich their lives. We may just be a tiny bit biased, but we believe that tumbling should be EVERYONE’S  go-to activity for child development. Why is tumbling so perfect for your youngster?

  1. Fundamentals of Movement. Did you know that some children can do a somersault before they can even jump? This means that their bodies can learn to tumble before they can do many other things! Tumbling teaches strength, balance, flexibility, gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and body awareness. These are skills that every child needs to learn from their younger years all the way into their teenage years. 
  2. Life Skills. Every kid likes to flip around, but so many of the benefits we see from tumbling have nothing to do with the actual skills. A child who takes regular tumbling class is learning social and emotional skills, as well. When your son or daughter enters a tumbling program, they will learn many new skills, but they will also have an opportunity to learn from someone who isn’t their parent or caretaker. Tumbling kids learn how to take turns, focus, pay attention, listen, and follow directions. They are surrounded by their peers, where they learn to communicate, share, work together, and interact appropriately with adults. As your preschooler becomes a young school-aged child, they will continue to build social skills and learn how to engage with people of all ages. They will also learn respect, discipline, perseverance, and work ethic. All of this while being given the amazing opportunity to discover their own potential!
  3. Athletic Foundation. Did you know that some of the best basketball players, football players, dancers, soccer players, baseball players, and other athletes have gotten their start in sports by joining a tumbling program? This is because tumbling develops more than just the skills that are unique to each sport- i.e. kicking a ball or catching a pass. Tumbling skills actually function as a foundation for all sports, covering several areas of fitness such as agility, speed, strength, balance, proprioception, coordination, and flexibility. These are skills that make for a strong and capable athlete in any sport, as well as in everyday life.
  4. Self-Confidence. One of the biggest challenges in child development is teaching children to overcome their own fears and learn how to trust and accept themselves. Tumbling shows children exactly what they’re capable of, teaching each child to be proud of their hard work, capabilities, and progress. When tumblers begin building confidence, they learn to focus more on what they can do well, rather than dwelling on things that they struggle with. Giving children confidence at an early age is empowering, and setting your kids up for success is the most important gift that a parent can give their child!

Sure, there are plenty of childrens’ programs around that can enrich your youngster’s life, but we believe that you absolutely will not find one with more benefits than tumbling. Yes, we know we’re a little bit biased! We are biased with good reason- our tumbling program is the BEST development activity for your child!

Lisa Kretschman is the owner of Cheer Pride Cheerleading & Tumbling Center in Whippany, NJ. She is a former gymnast, dancer, competitive cheerleader, and 4- sport athlete (soccer, basketball, softball, track). Lisa has been coaching cheerleading and teaching tumbling skills for almost 20 years. 

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